Shelly Will Put Our Children First



Students deserve an education that provides them with the tools and knowledge necessary to graduate on time and be prepared to enter the workforce or college after graduation. That means providing every Louisiana high school student with access to career pathways and credentials that help them leave high school with a skillset – not empty handed. Every student’s path is different, but one thing should be certain – they all should receive an education rich in opportunities that prepare them for success post high school, whether that is in college or in work.


The early years of a child’s life are critical to their mental development. For this reason, we know how critical early education is for a child’s future success. Children who receive access to quality early care and education can start school ready to learn, are more likely to read by the third grade, more likely to graduate high school on time, and more likely to succeed in life. Children deserve a smart start to school so they can have a strong finish that leads them to a life of opportunity and prosperity.


Teachers are undervalued and underpaid for the tremendous job they do. The pandemic proved to us just how hard teachers work and how important they are to students and families. At the same time, we are struggling to attract Louisianans to the teaching profession and keep great teachers in the classroom. We must elevate the teaching profession by improving teacher pay and providing better support and leadership for our teachers. Our students deserve the best and this is only possible through our efforts to recruit and retain great teachers and through valuing them and the hard work they do every day.


Teachers must be prepared to provide students with a quality education before they enter the classroom. This means we must improve the quality of teacher preparation programs so that they are preparing teachers to be ready to succeed with kids the day they enter the classroom. Teachers must be trained and understand how to meet kids where they are, how to help each child learn and grow, and how to help students in the early grades read by third grade. Our teachers are invaluable – and they deserve quality training and continued supports and development to help them continue to improve their practice.